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dynamics (noun) the forces or properties which stimulate growth, development.

At MD Dynamics, we initiate conversations and share solutions to stimulate growth, development and change within your organisation. We do this by enabling individual development, building high impact teams and leading in depth market research and consulting projects. 


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Monique Diez, the leader at MD DYNAMICS, is a driven individual who is committed to results and building long term business relationships. Combining extensive experience working with customers and teams, developing strategies and addressing a changing market, Monique has a keen interest in the preparedness of companies and their employees for the future.  This includes embracing technology and focusing on the importance of personal development to build and lead adaptable, high impact teams that deliver.

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Individual and Team Coaching

Enneagram Analysis | In-depth Coaching | Building Agile Teams

The Integrative Enneagram offers unparalleled depth of insight into enneagram types, personality, motivation and self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development in individuals, teams or organisations.  
MD Dynamics is an accredited iEQ9 practitioner.  Our adaptive, intelligent questionnaires integrate the art and science of self-discovery and transformation with intelligent cutting-edge technology.


Game Changing Impact

The GC Index | Impactometer | Building Game Changing Teams

We have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level by creating opportunities for employees to make impactful individual contributions and build high performance teams. 

MD Dynamics is a GC Index (GCI) Partner and a member of the Change Maker Group. We utilise the GCI profile during  individual and team coaching and create development programmes to inspire employees and transform processes and, in turn, your company.


The Young People Index

Helping Young People Discover their Unique Impact on the World

The results from the assessment empower young people by highlighting their natural preferences and inclinations (unique impact) in terms of how they contribute to a team, organisation, project or role, and thus boost confidence and self-awareness.

Each and every learner is aware that they make their impact in a unique way, so self- esteem is immediately raised improving motivation and engagement with learning.


Leadership Development

Leadership Management

Our mission is to develop leaders and organisations to maximise their full potential, be it on a personal or organisational level. Backed by over 50 years of global experience from Leadership Management International (LMI), we offer a number of solutions  supported by a proven system that can make a measurable impact on both individual and company performance, as well as the profitability of your business. 
MD Dynamics is a licensee and accredited LMI facilitator.


Travel Management Advisory Services

Expert Guidance

With extensive experience in the travel industry, we are able to support clients from a TMC, supplier and customer perspective.  We offer the following travel management advisory services and welcome the opportunity to expand our services.   
Travel Programme Management including a Covid-19 Recovery Plan, Travel Audits, Preferred Supplier Negotiations and Spend Reconciliation, RFP Management, Commercial Development and Key Account Management.


Travel Technology

Management Consulting | Tender Evaluation | Training

The team at MD Dynamics has extensive experience working with tech solutions.  We are a Trans-End Technologies Sales and Marketing partner, leading the pack with new air travel distribution alternatives and giving industry participants access to a platform that allows bookings from various platforms to be confirmed, consolidated and monitored. Their corporate booking tool, Thomalex, is an easy to use solution for TMCs and their corporate clients. It includes a simplified implementation process with synchronised profile migration, policy and approval setup and preferred supplier support and tracking solutions among other important corporate travel booking tool considerations.

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Our Testimonials do the Talking

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What I found most useful was a clearly outlined path that I can follow in order to maximise my strengths and become the best Leader that I can be.  The report and your insight was invaluable and I will use both regularly.  (Rochelle Pillay)

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